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Change takes time, but 2 days is all you need to understand how to overcome this wind of change with grace and elan. Winning Through Change is for you if you want a powerful and high-impact executive management program for companies.

Who should opt for this program?

Executive management teams, board members, functional heads

Why Winning Through Change? 


The economic and corporate landscapes are going through unprecedented changes. With this program, leaders can effectively redefine their tactics for strategic thinking, execution, and people management. 


It prepares leaders to stay afloat through the changes that their organizations are facing while staying inspired, motivated, focused, and outcome-oriented.  


This interactive 2-day event comprises experiential exercises to inspire and engage the leadership team with tried and tested strategies to sail through a changing and challenging environment while maintaining a winning mindset.

Outcomes and Benefits


  • Building trust 

    • Cultivate deeper and meaningful relationships

    • Create a cohesive and high-performance work culture under a common vision

  • Ignite passion 

    • Master your emotions

    • Tap into courage, strength, passion, and confidence in the face of challenges

  • Improve communication

    • Foster healthy and open communication between employees and your team

    • Uncover new ideas, issues, and potential

  • Become an effective leader

    • Gain new tools and confidence to overcome limitations

    • Skills to inspire and empower teams

  • Achieve clarity on purpose

    • Get clarity and focus on the goals and objectives that will radically change our life positively​

  • Improve morale

    • Build a company that promotes accountability and teamwork

    • Create a culture that has raving fans of your team members

  • Achieve your personal goals 

    • Renew your energy and psychology

    • Reach your goals with a buddy to stay on track

  • Increase Productivity

    • Remove roadblocks and implement efficient transformative systems

    •  Drastically improve efficiency and output quality

  • Increase revenue significantly

  • Shift your team’s mindset

  • Give teams the tools needed to exponentially grow your bottom line

Danny Blue Suit.jpg


Danny’s events are very inspiring and give powerful instruments to believe in one’s self and methodically improve and discover the inner potential through daily success habits that ultimately lead to quantum success.

Danny is a true believer and a charismatic man. His background and vast experience in business is a precious contributor to his authentic style and the knowledge he shares with us.

Alice Tavano
Manager at Loewe (LVMH Group)

I so appreciate that I had this great opportunity to participate in this precious workshop by the specialist being famous worldwide.

Through the workshop, I found what I need to develop myself to achieve my goals, finally.

The Looking beyond Behavior session - 8 compelling forces that govern what we do was amazing!!! I realized what needs or fears have been driving me the most. I now understand what was holding me back from happiness and success.

Hiromi Yumiki

Manager at Loewe, Louis Vuitton Group

Excellent experience and great positive energy! Very different from any other workshop I have attended before

Tony Chak
CFO, Swire Coca Cola

Danny was able to lead our team to see ways that we can uplift ourselves when facing challenges. He introduced great tools and a systematic thinking approach within a practical framework for us to use when trying to solve problems.

The workshop created team cohesiveness and helped all of us gain confidence in moving forward in realizing our company Vision. We started working from the heart than our minds.

Theresa Chong
Head of Human Resources, Swire Coca Cola

I love Danny’s delivery style!

You demonstrate one of the nicest and motivating speaking style and I aspire to imitate you. The Values in Action session was amazing and made got me engaged to get passionate about organizational and personal values

Motohiko Matsuda
Training Manager LVMH Group

Danny is truly inspiring!!His techniques are amazing and we have a clear understanding and confidence that we WILL achieve our goals.

Neil Waters
President, SWIRE Coca Cola

I have had many coaches in my career but Danny operates at a completely different level.

The overall deliverables of the workshop were great. Danny is a down to earth coach and leads us for a concrete framework which is very practical and useful to our future team management

Chris Hui
Head of Sales, Coca Cola

Danny's 'Winning through Change' was an awesome workshop. It inspired everyone in the room to behave differently and help people become successful. No one should miss it!

William Liu
China, Royal Bank of Scotland

It was very easy to understand to find all the contents to be able to practice in daily life. Looking beyond behaviour and overcoming fear of rejection were transforming moments for me.

Giancario Caforio
Director, Loewe

The workshop is wonderful for team building. Danny has shown himself as an energised person. He can inspire me to see myself again


Director, Swire Coca Cola

I thoroughly enjoyed Danny’s sessions. It was unique and so new to me. His meditations were amazingly powerful. I wish it was a longer session.

I overcame my fear of being rejected and realized how I took everything too seriously. I think that is why I wasn’t confident in myself in the past.


Life changing sessions – way beyond normal corporate trainings

Kumiko Morimoto

Loewe Japan

Excellent session on Values in Action. Challenged my own perceptions

It was easy to understand the concepts and very interactive


I was very shocked that I hadn’t had a clear future goal. I strongly realized that I have thought only of the present and I should think of my future life and the contribution to society. I realized the person who can grow if the person learns from their mistakes. I strongly want to become the person who always requires feedback from others, accepts it, and improves in order to grow continuously.

Minako Momma

Head of Human Resources, Loewe

What an Amazing Journey! Danny’s strategies truly work


Danny has a unique way of coaching, understanding, and leading my thoughts and future actions to build a happy and successful life and business. He gave me powerful tools on how to create and implement a clear vision of my future self as a great leader with tangible outcomes


I feel confident and ready to face the reality of todays’ world. His coaching makes perfect sense to be implemented in everyday life.


I enjoyed every minute of this 2 days program. I feel happy and content


I will continue to recommend Danny’s program to everyone

Mira Popovic

Business Boutique Manager, Sydney Australia


Danny’s trainings are super engaging and impactful


He helped me understand how to build trusting relationships with my team and take existing relationships to the next level


He helped me get rid of self-doubt and negative thoughts


My professional and personal relationships have taken a huge leap forward


I also learned to differentiate between reality versus perception and that has

helped me to get rid of my self-sabotaging negative thoughts.

Carolyn Oh

Regional Training and Talent Management, Human Resources,


Danny was incredible and delivered unique training that was simple to

understand, interesting and impactful.


He shared many learnings that helped us to view our professional and personal goals in a different light. He inspired us to build a strong community. An experience we shall always remember. Massive thanks!

Joshita Kulshreshtha

Retail Director Australia, Valentino

This is one of the best learning programs I have ever attended and 2 days seems too short.


The content allows you to understand so well and is so relatable to both

Professionally and personally. Very interactive and everything is so on point.

I Loved every part of the program!

Shirley Loo

Store Director | Singapore, Valentino

It was truly a great experience. I have attended lots of trainings before but this was the best training I ever attended.


I am able to be more open now. Not only at work but towards my personal life

too. I now know how to deal with problems with staff and also convert them into a better person for the future.


It was my 1 st experience with harnessing the power of mindfulness, which was transforming. I can adjust myself better to different environments and learnt how to read peoples’ minds. That is an awesome skill to have

Lim Kai Shing

Store Manager, Valentino Malaysia

Danny is really an inspiring speaker!


He explains the abstract ideas in the easiest manner for everyone to absorb. I had some major breakthroughs in just 2 days

Sylvia Cai

Valentino Singapore

This training is unlike any other I have attended, and opened me to new

ways of working and more importantly, new ways of thinking and outcome oriented, both professionally and personally.

Simon Chua

Retail Manager | Singapore & Malaysia,Valentino

I went into the program with no expectations and was surprised at the amount of knowledge I came out with.


Danny is such an inspiring and motivating presenter that leaves you captivated and wanting more.


I walked out with knowledge that could enhance both my professional and personal life, and have already been sharing some of the valuable information I received with my close network, because after all ‘Your Network is your Net-Worth’.


A truly memorable experience! I hope to work with you again in the future.

Andrew Aoun

Store Director | Sydney Castlereagh

Valentino Australia Pty Ltd

CEO Whisperer
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