DURATION: 12 Months or 6 Months

3 private sessions of 90 minutes each per month or as mutually agreed 

This leadership program is named after Danny’s award-winning bestseller Road to Success that he co-authored with Jack Canfield (from Chicken Soup of the Soul series) and is tailored to one level down from C-Suite executives. 

Who should opt for this program?


It is perfect for directors, mid to senior management corporate leaders, startup pioneers, and entrepreneurs.

Why Road to Success?


This program prepares you for:


  1. The next level of leadership success

  2. Overcoming the primary chokeholds in any business

  3. Transforming good executors but poor managers to better leaders

  4. Increasing EQ (emotional quotient)

  5. Mastering presentation skills and stakeholder management 

  6. Building trust and collaboration 

  7. Enhancing executive presence, confidence, agility, and energy levels 

  8. Taking ownership 

  9. Being seen as authentic and inspiring 

  10. Overcoming disempowering beliefs, thought patterns, and actions that sabotage growth and success

  11. Enhancing your personal brand 

  12. Mindfulness 

Having fun! 


Danny with co-author Jack Canfield 


National Award Ceremony for Best Selling Authors

The bestselling book Road to Success (co-authored with Jack Canfield from the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and America’s No#1 Success Coach).


Danny guided me through a journey to re-discover myself - my values, my purpose, my fears and my goals - on a both professional and personal level allowing me to be more authentic, free and successful!

Head of Merchandising

Asia Pacific GUCCI, the Kering Group

I met Danny during the lowest points in my life in both business and personal aspects. My challenges seemed insurmountable.

Meeting Danny changed that in ways I can only imagine. Danny inspired & helped me discover my own talents and overcome my deep seated blocks, doubts and fears. Within a year, I exceeded my own expectations & broke limits which I thought were never possible to overcome. And landed my first regional director role. I'd like to thank Danny as I won't be where I am without him.

Holly Fung,
Regional Marketing Director, Asia Pacific YouGov, UK

Working with Danny is a game changer !!!

Marcus Tong
Managing Director - Markets, Royal Bank of Scotland, Singapore

With twenty plus years of senior executive experience in the international business world, I have managed organizations of all sizes and across all continents. Being introduced to Danny was a turning point in my path and one of my most enlightening experiences. Danny helped me see through things that were opaque to me and most importantly, challenged me for my greater good. Without him, I will never have been able to become the person I am today. Thanks to Danny, I look at our world through a different prism and the world sees me in a very different light

Muriel Boudon
Founder, MVB Consulting (Ex GM & Retail Director at PRADA)

I found my executive coaching sessions with Danny to be both very helpful professionally as well as personally. He would get me to think about my life from a different perspective, which proved to be extremely insightful. Danny's techniques are very effective and thus made it easier for me to think about what is very important in my life and led to achieving my business goals and personal aspirations faster than I ever thought was possible.

Marcie Ball
Managing Director, Royal Bank of Scotland, Singapore