Its the meaning we give to life events and situations that create either a positive emotion or a negative one. And ‘letting go’ is the way to fully step into a new reality

4-Week Transformational Training Course At your Doorstep

If you are someone, especially a woman leader,  between the ages of 35 to 55 years feeling stuck, unhappy, low energy or overwhelmed, there's a huge possibility that you're challenged with either one or all of these unconscious & subconscious barriers to success that is preventing you from living your best life.  If yes, then this LIVE event is for you !  

Liberate yourself from:

  • Self-doubt

  • Anxiety

  • Judgment

  • Feeling not good enough

  • Fear of failing or being rejected

  • Resentment or anger 

  • Feeling depressed

  • Guilt

  • Any other negative emotion that’s limiting you from living the life you deserve  



Well, if your life is already amazing then perhaps you’re one of the lucky ones. Both most people are not that lucky.

  • Over the course of our lifetime, we acquire habits, thought patterns and belief systems that may not always serve our highest good in terms of living the life we TRULY want to live and with grace and ease. 

  • Fear, Self-Doubt, Anxiety, Judgment, Guilt & Resentment are dream killers at a subconscious level and limit you from being truly happy and successful and navigating uncertainty.

  • Removing sub-conscious barriers to success will enable you to experience mental and emotional freedom, renewed enthusiasm and zest for life like you have never experienced before.

So, what are you waiting for?

What you will learn:


  • How to conquer fear (the true F word), self-doubt, feeling anxious and judging yourself and others, once and for all

  • How to free yourself from guilt and resentment that is subconsciously diminishing your self-esteem and confidence to achieve and experience the life you want

  • How to manifest and create the life and results you want to experience that WILL become your new reality in 6 months or less.

Who Should Join

  • You can be a corporate executive, entrepreneur or any individual who is committed to experiencing joy, happiness, success, fulfillment and true freedom.

  • You have consciously made a ‘firm decision’ to free yourself by removing and overcoming sub-conscious blocks, negative thoughts and emotions once & for all. Remember, nothing happens till you make that decision

  • You have decided to manifest and create the future you truly want by releasing the brakes

How will this happen?


Week #1: The Guilt Removing Process

5 Steps to getting rid of GUILT forever! The unconscious killer that diminishes self-esteem. This is really powerful!

Week #2: Overcoming Resentment & building rewarding relationships

The Thief of Joy!!! Overcome lower-level emotions that sabotage your success and happiness by keeping you small. You will learn how to remove the negative charge of resentment, feeling anger, comparing yourself to others and judgment of self and others.

Week #3: The real F word. And Overcoming Self Doubt -same 

You will learn how to remove the unconscious killer that diminishes self-esteem. This is really powerful!

Week #4: Stepping into YOUR Power - Creating & Manifesting a NEW Reality

Practical steps to help you learn how to create and manifest the life you want and truly deserve by tapping into your limitless potential.  Having FUN!!!!


Week #5: Energy Activation - Aligning to your new reality 

LIVE energy activation and meditation process 

The above weeks include experiential training, exercises, powerful meditations and activations   

All weekly sessions are for 120 minutes each LIVE via Zoom for the first 10 participants. We will have a pre-course call “Create a Safe Space” a week before the commencement of the program.

You will receive the relevant material for the course and a free copy of my Kindle bestselling book Inside/Out 8 Success Keys to Help Millennials Thrive that was launched at Nasdaq at Times Square in NYC in 2018. 

Sessions will be recorded



1.)  90 Minute Private session with me that can be availed anytime between - starting from Week #1 up to 30 days after Week #5.

This is PRICELESS! A single private session would normally cost around USD 777/- per hour. You are getting it for NO EXTRA COST.

2.)  Digital version of my Kindle bestselling book Inside/Out - 8 Success to Help Millennials Thrive that was launched at Nasdaq at Times Square in NYC in 2018

You’ll learn how to discover and align your purpose, passion, vision and goals in a way that will help you achieve your biggest goals in the shortest possible time through proven techniques and experiential training in applying the Success Principles. You’ll also learn how to overcome your fears and your limiting thought patterns that have held you back from achieving what you truly want.

With Danny’s 19 years experience as COO & CFO in global financial institutions along with his experience as a certified success coach and business transformation expert, you can rest assured of nothing short of a dramatic transformation in both your professional and your personal life.

Jack Canfield

Chairman of the 'Canfield Training Group'
Co-author of 'The Success Principles' & 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' series

Danny with Jack Canfield 



My productivity at work has skyrocketed !!! I’m so much more present in my relationships. What a change in just a month”

Simon C
Human Resources, Retail Fashion, UK

I have been visiting psychologists for over a year now for my depression and my fear of failure and loneliness. Being an executive, I couldn’t openly share it within my company and had to pretend to be someone clearly wasn’t. I would take one step forward and 2 steps back. Within these 4 weeks, I experienced major shifts and changes in myself. I was blown away by Danny’s intuition and insight about my situation and why this was really happening. I feel almost brand new now and will keep doing the work and mindfulness practises that are shaping my new reality

Claire R
Sales Director, California US

I was unconsciously holding on to guilt and resentment for over a decade without even fully realizing how damaging and limiting that was. It was only when my professional career and personal relationships began to stagnate and stress and anxiety began to affect my health and self esteem, that’s when I decided to pay attention to what was going on. Saying that the last few weeks were transforming would be an understatement. I experienced true freedom and real joy first time in like 20 years or so. Like a big stone was lifted off my head and chest. I am ever so grateful to Danny. The was life changing for me. Can’t wait to step into y truth and my future”

Lisa N.
SVP Banking, UK

Danny guided me through a journey to re-discover myself - my values, my purpose, my fears and my goals - on a both professional and personal level allowing me to be more authentic, free and successful!

Head of Merchandising

Asia Pacific GUCCI, the Kering Group

I met Danny during the lowest points in my life in both business and personal aspects. My challenges seemed insurmountable.

Meeting Danny changed that in ways I can only imagine. Danny inspired & helped me discover my own talents and overcome my deep seated blocks, doubts and fears. Within a year, I exceeded my own expectations & broke limits that I thought were never possible to overcome. And landed my first regional director role. I'd like to thank Danny as I won't be where I am without him.

Holly Fung,
Regional Marketing Director, Asia Pacific YouGov, UK

Working with Danny is a game changer !!!

Marcus Tong
Managing Director - Markets, Royal Bank of Scotland, Singapore

With twenty plus years of senior executive experience in the international business world, I have managed organizations of all sizes and across all continents. Being introduced to Danny was a turning point in my path and one of my most enlightening experiences. Danny helped me see through things that were opaque to me and most importantly, challenged me for my greater good. Without him, I will never have been able to become the person I am today. Thanks to Danny, I look at our world through a different prism and the world sees me in a very different light

Muriel Boudon
Founder, MVB Consulting (Ex GM & Retail Director at PRADA)

I found my executive coaching sessions with Danny to be both very helpful professionally as well as personally. He would get me to think about my life from a different perspective, which proved to be extremely insightful. Danny's techniques are very effective and thus made it easier for me to think about what is very important in my life and led to achieving my business goals and personal aspirations faster than I ever thought was possible.

Marcie Ball
Managing Director, Royal Bank of Scotland, Singapore