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DURATION: 12 Months, 6 Months or Customised Sessions

The Supernatural is an advanced 4 months coaching program that is based on helping people raise their conscious awareness to higher levels of creation and manifestation and realizing their full potential by overcoming limitations placed by their own perceptions, limited perspectives and those of society.


This is a powerful program comprised of specialized meditations, energy activations, practical tools and deep introspective processes to bring you into full realization of what is possible for you in this reality.

Expected Results: 

  • Common People Achieving the Uncommon

  • Elevating beyond lack & limitation – fear, self doubt, judgment, dark dreams, worry & anxiety

  • Elevating beyond dense emotions permanently – guilt, resentment, frustration, hopelessness, powerlessness and struggle

  • Creating a NEW reality – a new YOU!

  • An awakening into knowing what’s really possible in the human experience and living it fully  

Jack Canfield.jpeg

Danny with Jack Canfield

The Supernatural
Joe Polish.jpeg

Danny with Joe Polish


Danny with Erin Gruwell


Here’s what a few of his eminent clients have to say about their experience of having Danny as their coach and confidant:


Beatrice Monguidi

President, FENDI Japan

I met Danny in a moment of a great professional and personal challenge: business was tough, big changes in the organization of the company, new bosses, very high level of stress, overwhelming responsibilities at home and the feeling I was not conveying the right energy to my team and my family to turn the situation around.


The very first minute I met Danny I felt he is gifted with incredible intuition. In a very short span of time, Danny helped me and my organization to think from a bigger perspective, get aligned around a common vision, leverage on positive strengths. I will never thank Danny enough for this turnaround.

Danny is a real game-changer and one of the best coaches on the planet!

Graham Ernst

Chief Operating Officer, Large US Hedge Fund, Hong Kong

Danny’s training and guidance are life-changing.

Within weeks, this awakening process will start producing incremental wins that feel like a coincidence. Within months, the wins will continue and then compound so that you are effortlessly operating with command and purpose

Alessandra Andreani

President and CEO Japan & China LVMH Fashion Group

When I started, the team was not engaged, and the brand vision was not clear. The company in Japan was not delivering expected results and profitability was an issue.


Danny helped me go through a huge business turnaround with a very clear vision, building a stronger and more engaged team delivering amazing results to the group both top line and bottom line.


I would also never be grateful enough to Danny for helping me identify my true purpose in life and align it with my work. I would recommend him without a doubt. My leadership style has also evolved in the past years since I met Danny

Fabrizio Merz

His passion and techniques gave me the inspiration to improve myself and lead others towards a turnaround in China as well as leading me and others to achieve bottom-line results in both business and personally. working with Danny helped me and my organization make a quantum leap in creating a thriving community in China.

Deepak Sharma
CEO, Alice & Olivia, Asia (Ex-MD LVMH Group

I have been blessed through my professional life to have had the guidance and support of a professional coach at a very difficult time in my life. Aside from Danny’s incredible ability to understand the importance of positivity, self-worth and mindfulness, his proven business experience related objectively to my situation that led to success in my new job in few months. With his support I was able to positively and quickly move through this turbulent phase in my life, make better choices and business decisions that led to success in my new job in few months.

A truly great individual, coach and confidant.

Neil Waters
President, SWIRE Coca Cola

Danny is truly inspiring!!

His techniques are amazing, and we have a clear understanding and confidence that we WILL achieve our goals.

Managing Director, Citi Bank

Danny helped me think through and re-examine every aspect of my life. He helped provide clarity in the fog. He helped me focus on getting in the rhythm of my quest for my long-term vision including better business results.

I very much enjoyed our sessions together”.


Sr. Consultant & Investor Relations

After our sessions together, I felt like a super woman. The incredible energy that you share, the love, the light, peace and superpower. I feel positive transformative change.

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