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How to raise YOUR awareness and consciousness to create and manifest success 10x faster in 2021

  • Do you feel as though things aren't working out the way you planned?

  • Do you feel a sense of struggle in manifesting your desires or feel blocked?

  • Are you holding on too tightly to the past?

  • Are old habits and patterns of behavior keeping you from moving forward?

  • You see others having it, making you wonder why not you?

If it’s a ‘Hell yes!’ to one or all of the points above, then I invite you to read on:

1) Giving up Push and Control

When you embody the energy of ‘push and control’ it hardly ever serves you well. It might serve the ego momentarily, but to create real results and real change, ‘letting go’ of the need to push and control will actually make things happen faster for you. Not to mention sustainable too. Guaranteed!

2) From Fear to Faith

No one has ever created anything special or extraordinary from a place of fear or lack. Grounding yourself in faith (even though your present reality says otherwise) is a huge step in making things happen faster for you. Fear and faith are both unseen energies—but where you put your focus on is the defining difference.

3) Allow Mentors to Guide You

When you feel stuck in lack or limitation, one of the fastest ways to move forward, gain positive momentum and re-focus yourself is to find a good mentor, guide or advisor. Giving yourself permission to stop trying too hard and figure things out yourself requires the courage to ‘let go’ and allow you to be led by someone you trust. It will turn out to be the best investment you’ll ever make in your entire life when you look back at what you achieved and the time and heartache you saved yourself from.

Sometimes obstacles are detours in the right direction…

4) Focus on What You Really Want

Most people I meet say they want something really bad, but their entire conversation is about what they don’t want, or don’t have, or what they’re trying to avoid in life. Creation doesn’t work that way! To create means to focus on all the experiences you want life to present to you, and then just ‘allow’ it in. Let the energy guide you to it—let the right action and the right inspiration draw the experience to you in the most elegant and expeditious way through your focus.

What you seek also seeks you, but you need to allow it in through your focus without being too attached to it.

5) Pay Attention to Health Warnings

If left unchecked, energy blocks can eventually manifest as some form of a health challenge. Thus, it’s critical to address mental illness and any unresolved emotions in a timely manner; they mustn’t be ignored.

6) Focus on Wealth Creation

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has led to one of the worst recessions of all time, it has also made this a critical period for creating wealth. Organisations and people now need to be mindful of the fact that wealth can be created through multiple streams—and not just from their business or by slaving at jobs that don’t really light them up. Keeping an eye on opportunities to create wealth, especially those that align with their life purpose, will produce unimaginable levels of joy and fulfillment.


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