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2021 & Beyond: The Rise of Conscious Organisations

How higher consciousness (awareness) will exemplify success in the corporate & business world

A blog by Danny Khursigara

Execution, Leadership coach and Motivation speaker, Hong Kong

Is conscious the latest buzzword, or is there more to it? Last year, while I was visiting the Founder & Chairman of a top MNC, I noticed something interesting at their office. Several flyers on the walls were about how the corporate world's future will be made by those who champion the ethos of #consciousness. Even though I was meeting the CEO for a different matter altogether, I couldn't help but discuss this with them. This discussion was not just eye-opening; it also made me aware of this massive shift that is yet to happen in the corporate world.

For long, people have looked at corporate giants as companies that are only driven by revenues and tangible ROIs. However, a subtle movement is happening, which will determine that one needs to build conscious organisations to thrive in the corporate world.

Just take a moment and look at 2020, did all your plans materialize & come to fruition as planned? I guess not, for most of us, that is. This conveys a clear message that control & certainty are simply an illusion

What constitutes the DNA of conscious organizations?

Purpose over survival

At the core of every #conscious organisation, there needs to be a vital purpose, a purpose that not only benefits itself but its people along the way. When only driven by the instinct to survive, it can often take dubious turns and ego-driven decisions leading to collateral damage in the form of its people and image. However, purpose-driven organisations can elevate themselves by standing for something bigger than just revenues and sales. Yes, profit is necessary and good for growth - you can’t live without one. But I believe there’s more to it than just buying something for $1 and selling it for $2.

Moving out of survival or victim consciousness will present you the opportunity to elevate your organization to greater heights

Relationships over manipulation

Business leaders who believe in nurturing relationships over manipulative tactics are critical to any organization’s success. It's not just about the future of businesses; it's about building businesses for the future. Organisations that serve & contribute, value compassion and encourage their people towards building meaningful relationships will survive in the long run and set themselves apart. The days of being inauthentic, insensitive and controlling are now getting replaced with integrity, truth, sensitivity and vision

I often ask leaders ‘I know your strategic plans but what are your inspiration plans?’ When leaders are inspirational, excellence is a consequence.

Holistic well-being

ompanies that respect their people's overall well-being as much as their own are the ones that will shine in the coming years. Being driven by profits is essential, but if businesses fail to harbour an environment where people can thrive and bloom, those companies are propagating a detrimental culture for the future. Society is becoming more inclusive and diverse than ever before and that has a direct correlation to companies that consumers are willing to put their money in. A company that respects its people's health and creates avenues for it to grow will automatically resonate with its consumers. This is because more and more consumers are now choosing to put their money where their morals are.

An environment for growth

For organisations to become aware of the biases they harbour, it's crucial to invest time in coaching and mentorship. This is the roadmap towards creating leaders for tomorrow, leaders who are free of prejudices and can make conscious decisions that can bring about meaningful changes in the system. Holistic coaching helps leaders become more aware and focus on others' needs and eventually create a perfect example of what a conscious organisation looks like.

As we grow in higher consciousness, we realize & awaken to the fact that it is more important to be the right person than finding the right person.

Every day is Thanksgiving Day

Whether it's towards its employees or its consumers, organisations that treat every day with gratitude and humility, are already a step ahead in imbibing consciousness into their DNA. Remember how I was telling you about my discussion with the CEO on this? This is what they had to say. They feel that the definition of being profitable should not just come from a cutthroat mentality and hard culture. You can also be profitable by bringing in a bit of the right brain's conscious thinking into most organisations' inherent tendency to be only left-brained.

Gratitude & appreciation is the ultimate form of receivership.

I believe, NOW is the greatest opportunity for leaders to prioritize higher consciousness above everything else while taking a grander perspective and standing in the knowledge of certainty that current challenges cannot be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

And that the future always makes sense backwards.

Are you ready for it?

Execution and Leadership coaching in Hong Kong by Danny Khursigara


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